A Very Brief Background For This Website

Quiet Moment Near WoodstoveI have a lifelong passion in the exploration, study, and creation of art using many techniques, styles, and tools. The focus on this website is within the realm of quilting. A smaller section will also include beadwork. You may also find some of my other works (painting, photography, calligraphy, suminagashi, & etc.) embedded throughout this website.

I actually stumbled into the world of quits through work, and also through a girl I had previously worked with that became a good friend. Merrile was an avid quilter and very active in a group of local quilters. She took me to quilt shows, volunteered my time to work shows, and kept telling me that one day she would get me "hooked". Little did I know the impact of those words. All of this came to fruition when another life long friend gave me a kit for a quilted wall hanging one Christmas. I have not looked back since.

I found my medium in fabric. The color palate is limitless and along with the patterns and designs on the fabric my creativity of design and imagination go many places.

There are many quilting services available online. I offer custom, unique, or singular quilts for any occasion. Plus for myself I make quilts using the excellent kits and patterns available from different vendors and/or other sources.

My projects may take several weeks to many months to complete depending on my current backlog of projects; additional lead time may also be required which includes finding the proper materials, new designs, or overall theme of the blanket or runner or other as defined from the goal(s) of myself or the customer.

To contact me about my work or to request a quote, please submit an e-mail with your questions, comments, and requirements.