Imagination and Fabric Scrap

There is something about a scrap of fabric that just will not let me toss it out. Needless to say this hangup of mine has resulted in another form of fabric "stashing". On top of the fabric stashes I have, which I wish I could say were all neatly organized, I now have baskets of pieces of fabric from not only my projects, but also friends and family.

This has resulted in another path of creativity, personally one that I find extremely satisfying. I do amaze myself with what I have made from these colorful bins of leftover cloth.

Turning Scraps Into Beauty

The quilt pictured above is a large project and the first quilt of an original order for two complete blankets for a customer, where:

  • each block is comprised of 12" square
  • the completed size is approximately 84" wide by 96" long
  • the blanket is reversible (see image "Blanket Backing") with a solid pattern
  • 100% cotton
  • easy care
  • each block because of the way it is constructed is an original
  • will provide years of warmth and wear

These wonderful quilts are made for a spacious cabin in the Ponderosa woods. The cabin owner has requested a pair of quilts that would blend with the casual atmosphere throughout the cabin, they be easy to maintain, are able to hold up to five growing boys, as well as, compliment the decor and colors throughout.

The second quilt is now in the process of being finished (image(s) will be added when front is finished).

Blanket Backing

The main blocks of this quilt are a modified log cabin pattern. Filler blocks are an assortment of batik and marble fabrics. Most of these were fat quarter pieces from my fabric stash with a few larger pieces of batiks and marbles from my scrap pile. I used bamboo batting and backing is 108" wide Tonga Batik quilt fabric.

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