Thoughts on Quilt Patterns

Some of my very first quilting projects were done using patterns. Some of these patterns came by the way of a kit, quilt magazine, fabric store hand out, or the internet. As I considered my quilting skills in the beginning at the "first step stage" I have always appreciated the pattern which lists a "skill level". These "skill levels" as a beginning quilter became for me a way to gauge and monitor my progress and confidence, and they were and are a great way to begin quilting.

Today, I love to design, but I also still have a love of making quilts from patterns  and kits as there are so many talented designers out there in the quilt world who not only design patterns but fabrics.

This article, however was prompted by a past pattern purchase and the one page instructions included. If I had chosen this as my very first experience, I probably would have put it aside to complete later or became completely disillusioned with my desire to learn quilting.

  • No "skill level" was listed. This quilt was not for a beginner, advanced beginner possibly, but I would not recommended it.
  • Fabric was listed under the manufacturer's number with no reference to the fabric color or pattern. As I was familiar with the manufacturer I was able to go to the web site, find the collection and match numbers to color and fabric.
  • Also, I made and used a template for part of the block construction. Some mention could have been made in the instructions that a template might be helpful for a "step" in the process of making the quilt.
  • All the instructions were compacted onto one page. It was hard to read. I found myself using different colors of highlighters just to be able to quickly find the place I needed to reference back to while working on the quilt.

Quick, Easy, or Simple... a beginning pattern should hit all three. If not, a novice quilter should think about a pattern if it does not have at least two out of the three...

A carefully formatted pattern, that is easy to read no matter how difficult is very much appreciated.  For those who take the time ---- Thank you for your thoughtfulness.  Yours are the ones I will look for in the future.


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