An "Oops" Fix For A Crane Quilt

Every once in a while a beautiful fabric drops into your lap, as it did for me one afternoon surfing the net. I happened upon a wonderful piece of oriental fabric with cranes which I could not resist purchasing. I tentatively had a design in mind, ordered what I thought I would need, and when it arrived put it aside in my winter project "pile".

Winter arrived, and so did my time to quilt. I wanted to create a quilt for a special friend, whose birthday I almost always seem to forget, and this year had been not exception. The oriental yardage with the cranes would be that special piece. Guess what, the design I wanted to do was too large. I had not purchased enough material. A frantic perusal through magazines, the internet, and patterns just got me more frustrated, until in my quilting book I spotted the "lone star" block.

Evan then I found myself piecing together cranes to get enough for the center of the star... I used almost every scrape of that piece of material to create this quilt. It was a challenge and not one of the easiest projects, but it was probably one of the most rewarding an educational experiences of my quilting career. (And yes I will probably do it again, I never seem to do things the easy way).

Where this project ran off course and had to be adjusted:

  • I did not order enough material
  • I did not give up on the project
  • I misjudged the size of my project
  • It was one of the nicest quilts I have made
  • I had to piece together cranes



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