Quilters Of A Fabric Search Together

Here is a small bit of news about the world of quilters. It seems, according to Google, that those of us who love to stitch together something new are very consistent in our efforts. Take a peek at the following chart.

See anything interesting taking shape at the end of each year? That's right, each fall quilters as a group sit down in front of their computers to look for new patterns. Collectively each October is the high point of our search for something to do during the fall and winter months.

What this shows is you are not alone as an online quilter, and of course, you are in good company when hunting for that new and/or special pattern to sew. Moreover, if you dare to go straight to the horses' mouth by clicking on the link "View full report in Google Insights for Search" and scroll down to view the map of the United States another very interesting thing can be quickly seen. Folks living in the state of Montana are very determined to find some new quilt patterns.

Well, with a little experimentation (at Google Insights) you should uncover some other interesting details about the nature of quilters. There is a bit of real truth in that old adage, 'Birds of a feather flock together.'

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